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  • Daily Contact lenses

    Order Daily Disposable Contact Lenses online

    Say goodbye to the hassle of finding daily disposable contact lenses without a prescription! Explore the array of choices we have curated for you, and effortlessly place your order.

    Why opt for daily usage of contact lenses?

    These lenses are the perfect solution for individuals who encounter allergies when using regular contacts. The practice of using new contacts each day prevents residue from natural tear components from accumulating and causing eye irritation – ensuring your eyes remain refreshed throughout the day.
    Let's delve into some additional reasons that make them an excellent pick for you -
    Daily disposable contact lenses, also known as single-use contacts, are specifically designed for one-day usage, after which they are discarded!
    They offer the ultimate convenience for contact lens users.
    Contrary to traditional contact lenses, they eliminate the need for cleaning or storage.
    Not only are daily disposable contacts health-friendly, but they also go easy on your wallet. There's no requirement to invest in costly cleaning solutions to prolong the lens's lifespan.
    Just think of the amount of time and energy you'll save!

    daily contact lenses

    At Contacts-4us, we provide an array of choices to cater to your specific needs. Our lenses are the product of cutting-edge technology and materials, crafted by brands you can trust.

    If you're exploring the world of contact lenses for the first time, our daily disposable contact lenses are an ideal starting point. Best of all, you can find everything you need right here, without having to produce a prescription.

    Experience the ease and comfort of daily disposable contact lenses. Never has achieving clear sight been easier. Simply use a fresh pair each day and discard it when the day ends. Each morning, a brand new set awaits you.

    Explore our diverse selection and find the pair that feels just right for you. Once you've made your choice, place your order and we'll deliver it straight to your doorstep. Rest assured, with Contacts-4us, your convenience is our priority.

  • Monthly Lenses

    Monthly Contact Lenses

    Monthly lenses are designed for a one-month wear duration before being replaced by a fresh pair of contacts. These lenses are particularly recommended for individuals seeking a more convenient time as contact lens users and a more comfortable feeling while wearing lenses, leading active lifestyles, or wishing to transition away from wearing glasses permanently.

    Proper care is essential for monthly lenses, including regular cleaning, and it is advisable to keep a reliable lens solution in a durable lens case. For those who intend to use lenses occasionally, daily disposables might be ideal for them instead.

    It is crucial to adhere to a strict replacement schedule to prevent the buildup of microorganisms and protein deposits on monthly lenses. We offer a great selection of world-class monthly contact lenses from trusted manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson and Alcon, catering to both budget-conscious and discerning customers.

    Advantages of Monthly Contact Lenses

    Monthly lenses, known for their comfort and cost-effectiveness, are the most prevalent contact lens type available in both physical and online stores. They offer economic advantages and are more durable compared to daily disposable or two-week lenses because of materials that are equally comfortable yet significantly longer-lasting. These lenses necessitate some adjustment, with proper daily care involving cleaning and appropriate cleaning solutions being pivotal for ensuring better vision, durability, and superior comfort.

    Disadvantages of Monthly Contact Lenses

    Important considerations when using monthly lenses include the need for periodic replacement, marked on a calendar to avoid prolonged use beyond one month. Prolonged use may result in someone’s vision deteriorating slowly, eye irritation, and potential infections due to the accumulation of protein deposits on the lenses. For people seeking to abandon prescription glasses, monthly corrective lenses offer all-day wear comfort, except for overnight use. Individuals with sporadic lens wear or eye infections may find daily disposables or two-week contact lenses more suitable.

    Types of Monthly Contact Lenses

    Monthly lenses are a versatile choice, suitable for people with various vision problems. Spherical lenses are ideal for nearsighted and farsighted individuals. Toric lenses effectively correct astigmatism, while multifocal monthly lenses address presbyopia. These lenses are well-suited for active users and those who spend extended hours working on a computer, thanks to their wide range accommodating different vision needs.

    As a plus, there are monthly lenses for cosmetic purposes. Those contact lenses may have added benefits like vision correction, but their main purpose is to improve the eyes’ appearance. Your choice depends on your preferences, although it is highly recommended to choose colored lenses that look more natural by adapting to your normal eye color if you want healthier-looking eyes or something more appropriate for daily use or workplace settings.

    Spherical Monthly Contact Lenses

    Spherical lenses, typically used by farsighted or nearsighted people, are budget-friendly options. They are crafted from excellent materials, ensuring an adequate amount of oxygen to the cornea. Some promote advanced features such as Aquaform Comfort Science, simplifying their application, and many also come with UV filters for eye protection.

    Why are UVA and UVB rays from the sun so harmful to the eyes? Eye cancer or melanoma is just one of the possibilities of frequent exposure of the eyes to UV rays. Sunglasses can help a lot in protecting the eyes, but with a good pair of contact lenses that can also correct your vision, the level of protection, convenience, and comfort is doubled.

    Toric Monthly Contact Lenses

    Toric lenses are designed for individuals with astigmatism, offering clear vision. They are known for their comfort and moisture-retaining qualities. Also, these lenses require daily removal and thorough cleaning, for which a lens case filled with a good lens solution is essential.

    Not cleaning any type of contact lenses can lead to eye infections. The process will only take a few minutes, so that is just a little sacrifice. Always make this a habit if you choose to wear monthly lenses. It is also important to note that there are different types of lens solutions for different contact lenses.

    The contact lens case should have your attention as well from time to time. Cleaning it requires emptying it in the morning after wearing your contact lenses. Also, never wash it with water. Simply wash it with lens solution straight from the bottle, never a used one. Lastly, air dry it, not wipe it to avoid residues. In addition, replace the case in three-month intervals. Emergency replacement is for broken cases.

    Multifocal Monthly Contact Lenses

    Multifocal lenses are suitable for addressing presbyopia as well, a vision issue that commonly happens after a person hits their 40s. These lenses provide a convenient alternative to glasses, offering better vision and a higher level of comfort once users adapt to them.

    What exactly is presbyopia? It is a condition wherein the eyes gradually find it difficult to focus on objects closer to them. It is natural because it is associated with the signs of aging. Presbyopia typically begins in the mid-40s and gets worse at 65.

    Colored Monthly Contact Lenses

    Monthly colored lenses are not just effective for vision correction. They also allow users to change their eye color naturally. Available in various shades, these lenses maintain eye moisture and provide UV protection.

    When it says that colored lenses can change the eye color naturally, it means that the lens can adapt to the natural color of the eyes itself. The change will not be drastic; the eyes will only look vibrant, alert, and healthy.

    Price Comparison

    Despite appearances, monthly hydrogel lenses are cost-effective compared to daily disposables. The price of monthly contact lenses varies depending on factors such as lens type and manufacturer.

    Spherical lenses for nearsightedness and farsightedness tend to be more affordable, while well-known brands or lenses with advanced technologies may cost more. Larger packaging often means lower unit prices. Toric lenses for astigmatism may be pricier a little bit, and lenses for presbyopia usually have a higher cost. Proper care, including daily cleaning and adherence to replacement schedules, is essential for maintaining monthly lenses.

    In conclusion, monthly contact lenses offer a comfortable and cost-effective option for various vision needs. Regular care and adherence to replacement schedules are crucial for their effective and safe use. Whether you are seeking lenses for specific vision problems or cosmetic purposes, there are suitable monthly options available from trusted manufacturers.

  • Two weeks contact lenses

    Two Weekly Contact Lenses

    Two weekly contact lenses, just like how they are called, can be used every single day for two weeks. After those two weeks, a fresh set of lenses should replace the used ones.

    Similar to other types of reusable contact lenses like monthly lenses, two weekly lenses need proper care and maintenance to stop the buildup of protein deposits, germs, and other foreign objects. After removal from the eyes, which usually takes place at night after being used the entire day, the lenses must be placed in an appropriate storage case filled with the correct type of lens solution.

    Two weekly contact lenses are highly recommended for people who are in dire need of convenience and comfort, especially because of their lifestyle. Those individuals usually have an active or sporty routine. People taking vacations on beaches and other places for adventure can also benefit from these lenses because two weekly contacts can be used as a temporary substitute for glasses. Glasses can easily stand in the way when you are enjoying the outdoors.

    Is it important to consult a specialist before using two weekly contact lenses?

    Before using any type of contact lenses as a first-time user, you will need to choose with the guidance of an eye specialist. This is important for the sake of your eye health. What a specialist usually does is pick the ideal lens for you depending on the power and type your eyes and lifestyle need. As a plus, they will keep you informed as well on proper care and all the essential details you should know about the chosen lenses.

    First-time contact lens wearers are not the only ones who should consult an eye specialist. If you are planning to use another type of lens because your eyes got irritated or were feeling uncomfortable, make sure to inform your specialist so they can assess the current product you are using and then recommend what is best for you.

    Is it possible that a consultation is not necessary at all? Yes, and that is if you just had an eye specialist check your eyes recently and you are still using the same type of contact lenses.

    What are the recommended features for two weekly contact lenses?

    Some people have no choice but to deal with harsh environments or conditions at times and even longer than necessary. Those conditions usually make the eyes extremely dry, which leads to irritation. That is why contact lenses with high levels of oxygen permeation and moisture are recommended.

    Extended wear is also a good feature. That means the user can wear the contact lenses continuously for several days without removal, which means there is no need to clean and store the lenses for the night. However, the common rule is to only do this for one week or less. More than that and the eyes might experience irritation. If you want to go all out on extended wear for multiple weeks, make sure to consult an eye specialist for advice.

    Another feature of two weekly contact lenses you might prefer is vision clarity, especially when it comes to reflections and shadows during daylight. This usually results in glare reduction, which is perfect for summer or sunny weather. Glare reduction is also useful for night driving because headlights cannot easily hurt or distract your eyes, strengthening safety.

    Vision clarity is also expected from two weekly contact lenses specifically designed for farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Contacts for astigmatism are commonly referred to as toric contact lenses. Their power can also be adjusted depending on the prescription.

    Meanwhile, for beginners, two weekly contact lenses made of soft material are ideal for them. A softer material can contribute to a more secure fit.

    Lastly, UV filters integrated into each lens are very important. They protect the eyes from extremely dangerous sun radiation. This is useful if you forget your sunglasses, although it is much safer to wear UV-filtered contact lenses and sunglasses at the same time whenever it is too bright and hot outside.

    What are the ultimate benefits of two weekly contact lenses?

    The number one benefit of two weekly contact lenses is their price. They are commonly the cheaper yet still high-quality option of daily disposable lenses. Some of them are even made for extended wear, which means no nightly removal sometimes. That is better than maintaining glasses.

    Also, throwing away disposable lenses before sleeping means no lenses at all when you go to bed. What does that mean if you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night? That is when the benefits of extended-wear contacts come in.

    In addition, most two-weekly contact lenses can be used during wintertime. That means no fogging in drastic temperature changes.

    How do you clean and store two weekly contact lenses?

    The main reason why a lot of people choose to stick to glasses or daily disposable contact lenses rather than using the two weekly types is the requirement for regular cleaning and storage. With the right amount of knowledge, though, the whole process is surprisingly simple.

    Before anything else, it is important to make sure that your hands are completely clean and dry first. You do not want germs to stick to the lenses and stay in your eyes for hours. This is applicable during insertion and removal. Always keep your hands clean and dry when handling contact lenses.

    When it comes to removal, place the contact lenses properly in their designated container once you remove them from your eyes. The container should be filled up with a solution suited for two weekly lenses. Never use a lens solution that has already been used, only fresh from the bottle.

    The storage case for your contact lenses should have your attention as well even just sometimes. Every three months, clean the case with a lens solution, never water. In addition, do not wipe it with a fabric cloth to avoid leaving residues. Air-dry it as much as possible.

    And, do not forget to replace the case immediately once you notice a crack or any form of damage. This does not only lead to spills and waste of lens solution; bacteria can also easily penetrate the lenses.

  • Toric contact lenses
  • Extended wear contact...
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Coloured contact lenses
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Contacts without prescription

Contacts without prescription

Shop Contact lenses Without Prescription verification.

Looking to buy contact lenses without a prescription? You're in luck, Contact Lenses 4 Us has made it possible to order contacts without a prescription. Now, you can get your no-prescription contact lenses with ease.

The process of acquiring lenses has never been this straightforward! Your order can be completed in just a few quick moments. This is your opportunity to liberate yourself from the constant use of glasses.

What's even better? Our inventory boasts a wide range of affordable contact lenses from internationally recognized brands. Provided you have a clear understanding of your ocular requirements, we can dispatch your ideal set of cheap contact lenses to you, regardless of your location.

Discover Non-Prescription Contact Lenses By Brand

We curate only the best contact lens brands known for their superior quality lenses so you can save time searching for the right pair across various contact lens retailers.

Without further delay, explore the following brands to get a glimpse of the choices we present for you:

Acuvue contact lenses

When it comes to eye care, Acuvue stands as one of the most revered brands, trusted by industry professionals worldwide. Acuvue's reputation is built on its groundbreaking solutions tailored to various needs, ensuring that everyone enjoys improved vision and comfort, even in their active pursuits.

Here are some of the cutting-edge techniques and designs employed by Acuvue:

Lacreon Technology - Designed to preserve an ample level of moisture, even for those grappling with astigmatism contact lenses

Hydraclear Technology - Developed to retain added moisture and enhance oxygen accessibility, promoting comfortable eyes

Subtle augmentation of natural eye hues

Ultraviolet (UV) filters/blockers

Indicators for application

Air Optix contact lenses

With an emphasis on sustained comfort and enhanced vision, Air Optix brings to the forefront its SmartShield Technology. This innovative feature imparts a thin but impenetrable layer to the contact lenses, safeguarding your eyes from discomfort triggered by deposits.

Here are some additional advantages you can gain from choosing this brand:

  • l TriComfort Technology - Aims to foster healthier-looking eyes and a refreshed sensation by heightening oxygen permeability
  • l Multifocal contact lenses catered for individuals affected by presbyopia
  • l Coloured contact lenses offer a more natural appearance since the tin.

Biofinity contact lenses

The hallmark of a CooperVision product, Biofinity, also incorporates Aquaform Technology in its manufacturing process. Their monthly disposable contact lenses are exclusively produced from silicone hydrogel to provide the ultimate level of comfort for your eyes. These lenses ensure constant oxygen permeability and continual hydration.

Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to with this brand:

  • l Replacement every month
  • l Absence of eye redness
  • l Coloration for easy manipulation
  • l Contact lenses specifically designed for astigmatism

CooperVision proudly showcases numerous brands across various outlets, yet our offerings are primarily focused on a select few such as Avaira and Biofinity contact lenses. These are the ideal choices for those looking to buy contact lenses or refill contact lenses, along with the next category we'll be presenting.


While it may not be as renowned as other CooperVision products, Biomedics still garners high praise from numerous medical professionals and contact lens wearers. It stands out as one of the most economical brands under the company's umbrella. Its goal is to promote eye health even with uninterrupted use for up to 11 hours.

This brand offers a wide array of products, but our selection is confined to the daily disposable contact lenses. These single-use contact lenses are ideal for individuals who prefer to avoid the inconvenience of routine contact lens care and upkeep.


Designed specifically for daily wear, Dailies contact lenses typically come in packs of 30. Each lens is intended for single use, which is beneficial considering the comfort that comes with using a new pair every day. This is particularly well-suited for younger users who lead a more hectic or active lifestyle.

However, this brand offers more than just convenience. It also guarantees:

  • Enhanced vision
  • Immediate hydration each time you blink
  • Absence of discomfort even after 16 hours
  • Ease and correction for individuals with astigmatism
  • A more natural sensation


Wearing contact lenses isn't solely about improving one's sight. For some, it's an opportunity to make their eyes more appealing with non-prescription colored contacts.

But enhancing the beauty of one's eyes isn't strictly tied to altering their hue. At times, all it takes is a little enhancement. This is where FreshLook, an exceptional brand in the realm of colored contacts, and circle lenses, comes into play.

FreshLook offers two distinctive types of colored lenses: one for subtle color amplification and another for a total color overhaul.

The most compelling aspect? Even if you opt for a radically different color, the result is impressively natural. This effect is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology that seamlessly merges the hue of your eye with that of the lens.


Proclear, another flagship brand by CooperVision, is dedicated to providing a smoother experience to significantly boost comfort for your eyes. Unlike low-grade contact lenses that can feel like gritty sand, particularly during a blink, Proclear's lenses are designed to retain moisture and prevent irritation to your eyelids, reducing the risk of eye infections.


Designed chiefly to rectify conditions like hyperopia and myopia, PureVision contact lenses employ the innovative AerGel material to guarantee outstanding vision. A distinct advantage of these lenses over other vision correction alternatives is the superior comfort they offer, owing to their enhanced oxygen permeability and resistance to lens deposits. These lenses are perfect for those looking for a contact lens trial or fitting contact lenses.


SofLens, another offering from Bausch + Lomb, like PureVision, allows you to order contacts online. These contact lenses are packaged in either sets of 6 or 30, based on whether they are created for monthly or daily replacement. You can order contact lenses online without needing a prescription. So, whether you want to order contacts with prescription or purchase contact with a prescription, SofLens has got you covered.

You can anticipate the following features from this brand:

  • Exceptionally slim design
  • An inversion marker to help identify the right side of the lens
  • Increased water content
  • Enhanced vision in dim light due to Aspheric Optics
  • Comfort Moist technology to ward off irritation

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