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Air Optix plus Hydraglade

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Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde as the first contact lens to feature the revolutionary HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. This technology ensures all-day hydration, and prevents the discomfort of dry eyes. In addition to that, it has a smooth and comfortable feel. These contact lenses also provide exceptional comfort and reduce the likelihood of redness, irritation, and the sensation of dryness. They are the best option if you are looking for a daily contact lens solution.

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Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde

The Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde contact lenses are monthly spherical lenses provided by Alcon  Vision Care, a globally renowned contact lens manufacturer. With a history spanning more than half a century, this company is dedicated not only to pioneering innovation but also to enhancing the vision quality of its clientele.

These contact lenses are crafted from a highly breathable material, ensuring a continuous, consistent flow of oxygen through the lens to the eyes, promoting the maintenance of clear, healthy, and white eyes. These lenses are the pioneering and exclusive fusion of two advanced technologies: SmartShield Technology and HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix.

SmartShield protective technology establishes a moisture shield that deters the accumulation of irritants on the lenses over time. The HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix forms a lasting moisture layer around the lens surface, ensuring all-day hydration, and preventing the discomfort of dry eyes.

More about Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde, these contact lenses are the inaugural and sole lenses featuring HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix technology, designed to sustain lens surface moisture throughout the day.

They provide five times greater oxygen permeability compared to conventional low Dk/t hydrogel lenses. The innovative SmartShield technology guards against potential contamination from substances such as cosmetics and hand creams, remaining securely integrated with the lens.

This technology also safeguards the lenses from lipids, proteins, and other deposits. Those are natural components of tears, as well as from everyday facial care products like toners, creams, and cleansers. By utilizing HydraGlyde technology, these lenses offer exceptional comfort, reducing redness, irritation, and the sensation of dryness. Their silicone-hydrogel structure ensures optimal hydration, moisture, and oxygenation. They work to keep moisture on the lens surface, ensuring lasting hydration throughout the day.

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde lenses continue to provide moisture to the lens surface and maintain lens hydration even after 16 hours of wear, surpassing other lenses in the market. These lenses are available in a range of powers all the way from -12.00 up to +8.00 Diopters and come in convenient 6-piece packages, ensuring accessibility in any situation. Their maximum recommended wear duration is one month, after which they should be discarded. Daily lens moisturization is also advised. Alcon lenses offer a harmonious blend of comfort, premium quality, and affordability.

Key Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Features:

  •         SmartShield Technology: The eyes naturally have protein deposits due to tear formation, but this can affect the clarity of average contact lenses. This feature adds a layer of protection to prevent accumulation.
  •         HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix: These contact lenses have consistent moisture no matter how long they stay in the eyes as long as it is being used in an appropriate amount of time. They ensure long-term comfort.
  •         Increased oxygen permeability: With five (5) times higher permeability of oxygen into these contact lenses, the cornea stays healthy. This also leads to the prevention of eye redness and irritation.
  •         Structure designed for convenience: Reducing the likelihood of deformity or falling out of the eyes, these contact lenses are thin and lightweight with a shape suited for most corneas. They instantly adjust to the shape of the eyes.
  •         Lots of power options: These contact lenses can be used by a farsighted or nearsighted person because of their wide range of choices in terms of power.

Additional Information       

  •         Brand: Air Optix
  •         Manufacturer: Alcon
  •          Lenses in box: 6
  •         Material: Lotrafilcon B
  •         Water content: 33%
  •         Wearing time: Daily or 6 nights max extension
  •         Lens type: Continuous wear (monthly replacement)
  •         Curvature: 8.6
  •         Diameter: 14.2
  •         Dk/t: 138 x 10 -9

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Are Best For:

  •         People seeking to have healthier-looking eyes
  •         Dry eyes
  •         People okay with lens cleaning and maintenance
  •         People who are still not used to wearing contact lenses all the time
  •         Sensitive eyes
  •         Budget-conscious users

About the Brand

The Air Optix line of breathable contact lenses allows users to concentrate on their daily activities instead of worrying about their lenses. These lenses deliver reliable comfort and high-quality vision. Moreover, their replacement schedules every month are simple to keep track of.

Can I Order Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Without Prescription?

Yes, you can order Air Optix® Plus HydraGlyde without prescription. However, you must know for sure what your current prescription is before making any purchase online. It is dangerous to wear the wrong type of contact lenses for your eyes, so take extra precautions by consulting a specialist first.


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Air Optix plus Hydraglade

Air Optix plus Hydraglade

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