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Very good price and what I needed. I recieved my Contact lenses  sooner than I expected and am happy with the product. 

Mike T.


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Great prices and fast shipping!


Giana Lee 


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Easy. Fast. Quality.
 Repeat and future customer.

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Order Contact Lenses Online

Cheap Contacts Online

No one can deny that contact lenses are more convenient than glasses. These contact lenses can be daily disposables, monthlies, or even special lenses. The general aim is to meet your lifestyle and vision needs. 

At Contactlenses4us, you'll find high-quality and affordable lenses suitable for you. Our lenses are from top brands in the industry and we promise to give you convenience and savings from our store.

Contact Lenses From Brands You Trust

As a contact lens user, purchasing from trusted brands is one of the best things to happen to you. These brands are trusted because of their commitment to quality and the goal of customer satisfaction. 

Let's look at some of the brands available on our website:

1. Air Optix: Most eye care professionals call it a beginner-friendly lens. For anyone new to wearing lenses, this brand is a great choice. You can also consider it for lengthy wear because of its breathability feature. 

2. Biofinity: To some people, Biofinity is one of the most expensive contact lens brands out there.  It is aimed at giving you comfort all day because of its moist nature. You can also use it for extended wear. 

3. Acuvue: One notable thing about the Acuvue brand is the UV protection it gives. It is the world's first disposable lens with UV protection.

4. MyDay: These soft daily disposables allow oxygen to pass through ‌your eyes.

5. Proclear: You can wear the Proclear contacts consistently for 30 days with your eyes hydrated and comfortable. It works for both long and short-sighted wearers. 

6. Soflens: This brand is an all-rounder. It covers a wide range of prescriptions and is also deposit-resistant. 

8. FreshLook: This is your go-to brand for colored lenses.

9. Dailies: Like the name, it is a disposable lens with a water gradient technology that allows water to sit between the lens and your eyes. 

How do you order contacts online?

To order your contact lenses, follow the steps below:
1. Visit the website -https://www.contacts-4us.com/

2. On the left corner of the page, choose to shop either by brand or category. Then, select the option that appeals to you. 

3. Click on your selected contact lens brand.

4. Choose your desired quantity.

5. Then select your power, base curve, and diameter

6. Ensure you read the detailed product description before adding it to your cart. 

7. Click on Add to Cart.

8. You can proceed to check out or continue shopping

What forms of payment are accepted?

The platform only accepts PayPal and debit cards for transactions. The debit cards must be associated with major payment networks, such as Visa and Mastercard.

From what countries can I place an order?

We ship contact lenses worldwide. You can place your contact lens order in the United States of America, Canada, and Europe. 

How long after I order my contacts will it be shipped to me?

Know that packages are dispatched within two days of payment received. If you're in Europe, you receive your package within 2-7 business days, and in places like the USA and Canada, you receive it within 7-14 business days. 

Note that we ship standard lenses within 1-3 days and special lenses like lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses may take time because they are ordered from the manufacturer. 

How can I get in contact with an operator?

For inquiries, concerns, and complaints, you can reach contacts-4us.com/via email at  office@contacts-4us.com

Can I order contact lenses without a prescription?

On the platform, you can order your contact lenses without a prescription. However, it is recommended you have a valid prescription. One thing that a valid prescription does is to ensure your lenses fit correctly and help you meet your vision needs while maintaining your eye health and comfort. 

Consult your eye care professional before purchasing contact lenses to ensure you get the right fit and product for your eyes. 

Can I use my eyeglass prescription to order my contacts?

No, you can't use your eyeglass prescription to order contact lenses. Your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions are different because each requires specific measurements. Your contact lens prescription requires details such as the curvature and diameter of the lens, which are not part of an eyeglass prescription. 

For the best vision, visit your eye care professional and obtain a separate and valid prescription for contact lenses.

My prescription expired. Do I need a new prescription?

On our platform, you can order contact lenses without a prescription. But, if you notice any vision changes, visit your eye care professional and get a new prescription from him. One thing an up-to-date prescription does is to ensure your lenses provide you with vision correction and fit. 

To order your contact lenses, visit us at https://www.contacts-4us.com/ and be sure to get the best fit for your vision correction

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