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SofLens Daily Disposable 30 lenses

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Bausch & Lomb's SofLens Daily Disposable 30 contact lenses are renowned for their excellent quality. Designed specifically for nearsighted and farsighted individuals, these one-day spherical lenses are made of Hilafilcon B, maintaining a hydration level of 59% for comfort. They're the first disposable lenses to feature High Definition Optics technology, enhancing image clarity and reducing halo effects.

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SofLens Daily Disposable 30 pcs.

Bausch & Lomb is known worldwide for the superior quality of their contact lenses. Their product SofLens Daily Disposable 30 is no exception. These are spherical lenses that should only be used for one day because they are all disposable for the sake of convenience and comfort.

SofLens Daily Disposable 30 contact lenses are specifically designed for nearsighted and farsighted people. Their material is called Hilafilcon B, which is known for maintaining high amounts of moisture. To be more specific, its hydration level is 59%.

The technology used for SofLens Daily Disposable 30 contact lenses is called High Definition Optics. These lenses are the first ones from the daily disposable category to contain that kind of system. Aside from the obvious benefit which is to make blurred images crystal clear, High Definition Optics can also reduce the halo effect. Halos are rings that are usually found surrounding the shape of the moon or the sun. They can be luminous or multicolored like a rainbow.

The other technology used for SofLens Daily Disposable 30 contact lenses is the Comfort Moist. Their main benefit is to maintain hydration while keeping the lenses soft and super thin.

As a plus, SofLens Daily Disposable 30 contact lenses can resist protein deposits and dirt. That is why perfect vision is guaranteed despite outdoor use for the entire day.

SofLens Daily Disposable 30 Features

  • Comfortable material: Ensures comfort the entire day, especially when using digital screens

  • Advanced optics: Improves vision in any lighting condition by reducing halo effect, reflection, and noise

  • 59% hydration: Keeps the hydration level sufficient to prevent eye irritation and dryness

  • Thin structure: Gives the lens a more lightweight feel for the eyes

  • Comfort Moist Technology: Resists protein deposits and dirt to maintain clear vision

Additional Information

  • Brand: SofLens

  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb

  • Lenses in box: 30

  • Material: Hilafilcon B

  • Water content: 59%

  • Wearing time: 1 day

  • Lens type: Daily disposable

  • Curvature: 8.6

  • Diameter: 14.2

  • Dk/t: 24 x 10 -9

SofLens Daily Disposable 30 Are Best For:

  • Sensitive eyes

  • Nearsightedness or farsightedness

  • Active people

  • People who do not prefer any lens maintenance

About the Brand

Bausch & Lomb is all about world-class eye health products for people of all ages. They prioritize innovation and quality when developing and manufacturing their product line. Research and development combined with modern engineering and technology make this manufacturer one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

Can I Order SofLens Daily Disposable online Without Prescription?

Yes, you can order SofLens Daily Disposable 30 without prescription. But before any online purchase of contact lenses, make sure to know your actual prescription first. See to it that you should only wear lenses that are suitable for your eyes. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist.


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SofLens Daily Disposable 30 lenses

SofLens Daily Disposable 30 lenses

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