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Biofinity Energys 3 contacts

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Facing screen fatigue from long hours on digital devices? CooperVision's Biofinity Energys monthly 3 contact lenses offer a solution. With a state-of-the-art aspherical design, 48% hydration level, and Comfilcon A material, they ensure comfort. Their unique feature, Digital Zone Optics, reduces eye fatigue and improves vision across all distances. Biofinity Energys 3 lenses, with Aquaform technology, ensure high moisture retention, countering dryness from extensive computer use. Designed for continuous 24/7 wear, these lenses require minimal maintenance and are well-suited for screen-centric lifestyles. They offer users convenience and comfort, even if removed before sleep, as long as they're properly cleaned and stored.

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Biofinity Energys 3 pcs.

Are you finding yourself spending prolonged hours fixated on digital screens, be it while working on a PC or immersing yourself in smartphone activities? CooperVision introduces an innovative solution with Biofinity Energys 3 contact lenses, designed for monthly use and featuring a cutting-edge aspherical design.

These lenses boast not only a 48% hydration level but also incorporate Comfilcon A material. What sets them apart is the incorporation of Digital Zone Optics, a unique feature strategically designed to mitigate the risk of having tired eyes and enhance comfort in general. The optical zone is meticulously crafted to amplify power across the entire visual field, enabling users to effortlessly shift their gaze between objects, whether nearby or distant.

Furthermore, Biofinity Energys 3 lenses harness Aquaform technology, ensuring a continuous and high level of moisture retention throughout their use. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extensive hours working with a computer, where reduced blinking often leads to dryness. These lenses effectively counteract this effect.

When it comes to convenience, Biofinity Energys 3 contact lenses are designed for nonstop 24/7 wear, even during sleep, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. However, should users prefer to remove them before sleep, proper cleaning and storage ensure there are no issues. This groundbreaking solution addresses the challenges of modern screen-centric lifestyles, providing both comfort and practicality for users.

Key Biofinity Energys 3 Features

  • Enhanced optical features: Alleviates eye strain during prolonged exposure to digital screens

  • Incorporation of Aquaform technology: Sustains moisture levels, especially in situations where the user blinks less frequently

  • Optimal resolution: Ensures clear and precise vision, unaffected by changes in distance or shifts in gaze

  • Reliable fit: Boasts a secure and stable structure, fitting seamlessly to the eye to avoid discomfort, slippage, or rolling

  • Reduced friction: Minimizes the friction during every blink, preventing potential irritation

Additional Information

  • Brand: Biofinity

  • Manufacturer: CooperVision

  • Lenses in box: 3

  • Material: Comfilcon A

  • Water content: 48%

  • Wearing time: 24/7

  • Lens type: Monthly replacement (daily continuous use)

  • Curvature: 8.6

  • Diameter: 14.0

  • Dk/t: 160 x 10 -9

Biofinity Energys 3 Are Best For:

  • Eyes experiencing dryness and fatigue

  • Easily irritated eyes

  • Visual impairments

  • Individuals frequently utilizing computers

  • Those still acclimating to proper contact lens handling

  • Individuals opting to avoid the usual maintenance procedures required for certain contact lenses

About the Brand

CooperVision is a world leader in the eye care industry. Aside from its contact lenses usually made of silicone hydrogel, it also manufactures lenses that can be used to slow down the progress of myopia among kids and to protect the eyes from digital screens. It caters to different types of needs, which means most people can rely on this product.

Can I Order Biofinity Energys 3 Without a Prescription?

Yes, you can order Biofinity Energys 3 without a prescription. But always prioritize the health and safety of your eyes by consulting with a specialist before attempting the product for the first time. Avoid using contact lenses that are not specifically tailored for your eyes.


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Biofinity Energys 3 contacts

Biofinity Energys 3 contacts

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