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Dailies Total 1

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Dailies Total 1 contact lenses offer numerous benefits. These daily disposable lenses provide ample moisture, ensuring comfort and hygiene. Their ultra-smooth surface makes them easy to apply and reduces friction when blinking. With up to 16 hours of comfortable wear per day, these exceptionally breathable lenses keep your eyes healthy and refreshed. Manufactured by Alcon, Dailies Total 1 is a trusted choice for water gradient lenses that provide unmatched comfort throughout the day.

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Dailies Total 1 

Alcon Vision Care never disappoints with their world-class contact lenses like Dailies Total 1. These lenses are perfect for the fast-paced modern age because they can simply be discarded after one day of use. These daily disposable contacts feel natural on the eyes, which leads to some users not even feeling the lenses despite wearing them all day.

Despite the variety of daily disposable contact lenses out there in today’s market, including the product line of Alcon itself, Dailies Total 1’s unique feature is how moisture is distributed throughout each lens. These lenses have a high level of water content but will never overwhelm the eyes. That is because only 33% hydration is contained inside each lens while outside the lens there is 80% hydration. Not only that, the section closest to the cornea can reach 100% hydration to guarantee easier application and long-lasting comfort.

Going hand in hand with hydration is the oxygen permeability of Dailies Total 1 contact lenses. Each lens allows a consistent oxygen supply to the eyes for a higher level of comfort. It also contains a natural component called phosphatidylcholine, which can already be found in tears and human cells. That contributes to the feeling of not wearing anything in the eyes despite using these lenses.

Key Dailies Total 1 Features

  •  Disposable: Reduces the risks of improper lens cleaning and storage practices
  •  Long-lasting vision clarity: Maintains clarity and sharpness of vision for many hours until the lenses are ready to get discarded
  •  Oxygen permeability: Makes the eyes healthier-looking due to oxygen constantly penetrating the lenses to reach the cornea
  •  Natural feeling: Feels refreshing and light on the eyes because of the presence of a natural component commonly found in human tears called phosphatidylcholine
  • Hydration gradient: Distributes moisture properly inside and outside the lens to ensure long-lasting comfort

Additional Information

  •         Brand: Dailies
  •         Manufacturer: Alcon
  •         Lenses in box: 30
  •         Material: Delefilcon A
  •         Water content: 33% inside, 80% outside
  •         Wearing time: 1 day
  •         Lens type: Daily disposable
  •         Curvature: 8.5
  •         Diameter: 14.1
  •         Dk/t: 156 x 10 -9

Dailies Total 1  Are Best For:

  •         Sensitive eyes or people with allergies
  •         Nearsightedness or farsightedness
  •         People who cannot get used to the sensation of wearing contact lenses

About the Alcon Brand

Alcon is one of the biggest leaders all over the world when it comes to eye care. It is the biggest company globally in terms of eye care devices due to its 75 years in the industry and massive influence in vision and surgical care. It has created a lot of innovative products over the past decades and is still focusing on innovation to this day with its advanced R&D team.

Can I Buy Dailies Total 1 Without Prescription online?

Yes, you can order Dailies Total 1 without prescription veryfication. Just remember to never wear the wrong type of contact lenses for your eyes. Always trust the advice of an eye specialist after consulting one.


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Dailies Total 1

Dailies Total 1

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