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Bausch & Lomb ULTRA 6 lenses

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ULTRA contact lenses are a revolutionary solution designed to meet the optical needs of digital device users and those with demanding lifestyles. Enhanced with MoistureSealâ„¢ Technology, these lenses can retain 95% of their moisture for up to 16 hours daily, offering a comfortable and hydrating wear experience. These monthly lenses, with a usage period of 30 consecutive days, are ideal for new users due to their easy handling tint. The integration of advanced technology and user-friendly features ensures that Bausch & Lomb ULTRA contact lenses provide a healthy, comfortable, and convenient solution for modern eye care needs

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Ultra 6 contact lenses

Bausch & Lomb, one of the most renowned eye care manufacturers in the world, presents ULTRA contact lenses. These are monthly lenses composed of a material called Samfilcon A which is very soft.

More about the material, Samfilcon A significantly contributes to a design that can maintain sufficient hydration for the eyes all day. MoistureSeal technology makes it possible for ULTRA contact lenses to have a high level of hydration as well. This kind of system contains polyvinylpyrrolidone or PVP with an amount that is 4x higher than most lenses.

Moisture may not be enough sometimes. That is why it is a good thing that ULTRA contact lenses also include a high level of oxygen permeability. This minimizes eye fatigue and irritation. The advanced material used which is silicone hydrogel contributes to the oxygen permeability feature.

What about fit? Because of the smoothness and thinness of ULTRA contact lenses, they easily adapt to any eye shape. They can maintain comfort the entire time for each lens feels extremely lightweight without getting deformed.

ULTRA contact lenses are meant for all-day use. The user should clean and store these lenses properly before they go to sleep. Each pair of lenses can be maintained for a month before the next replacement.

Key ULTRA Features

  •         MoistureSeal technology: Increases and prolongs hydration for all-day use
  •         Silicone hydrogel: Increases oxygen permeability to keep the eyes feeling refreshed and comfortable
  •         Light structure: Fits any eye shape instantly because of its thin design and soft material
  •         Subtle blue tint: Helps beginners handle contact lenses with less effort and less risk of losing a transparent lens
  •         High durability: Lasts for a month without any form of deterioration

Additional Information

  •         Brand: Bausch & Lomb
  •         Manufacturer: ULTRA
  •         Lenses in box: 6
  •         Material: Samfilcon A
  •         Water content: 46%
  •         Wearing time: 1 day
  •         Lens type: Daily (monthly replacement)
  •         Curvature: 8.5 or 9.0
  •         Diameter: 14.2
  •         Dk/t: 163 x 10 -9

ULTRA contact lenses Are Best For:

  •         Dry or sensitive eyes
  •         Office or desk workers
  •         People who are always looking at a digital screen
  •         People with an active lifestyle
  •         People who prefer monthly replacement of contact lenses

About the Brand

Bausch & Lomb is all about world-class eye health products for people of all ages. They prioritize innovation and quality when developing and manufacturing their product line. Research and development combined with modern engineering and technology make this manufacturer one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

Can I Shop ULTRA Without a Prescription verification?

Yes, you can order ULTRA without prescription. But you need to know for sure your exact prescription first based on the evaluation of an eye specialist. It is okay to simply refer to a recent prescription but only if you will purchase the same product


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Bausch & Lomb ULTRA 6 lenses

Bausch & Lomb ULTRA 6 lenses

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