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Before we discuss about contacts without prescription, let’s discuss about the importance of a prescription. When you go to a doctor for any ABC check up, the doctor gives you a proper prescription on which he/she used to write precaution or medicines you need. Same procedure followed by the eye specialist to suggest you a right number of glasses and contact lenses.
Basically, the prescription is a piece of paper on which doctor used to write precaution in own language or writing and ask you to show it to the store to get the exact medicine, glasses or lenses. One gets this prescription only after going through a particular check-up. Once you go through that a doctor will be able to prescribe you something according to your reports.
Why eye specialists issue prescription for getting a contact lens? Basically, prescription for contact lenses is required for those having a weak eyesight or vision issues. A doctor after checking one’s eyesight prescribe a particular number of a lens that can fit better for one’s vision or eyes.

But, the question is, is it always required to get a prescription for buying contact lenses? The answer is no. In case you want to purchase contact lenses, you can purchase them without any prescription as well. From where? Many online stores offer contact lenses without prescription from where you can easily purchase lenses without any prescription.
Why online stores not offline stores? It can be a bit difficult to purchase lenses without prescription from a local store, because they are not authorized to sell lenses like this. But, purchasing it from an online store is easy as well as legal, because online stores are authorized to offer lenses without prescription.

Is it safe to use non-prescribed lenses? It is absolutely safe to use such lenses as these lenses do not provide any harm to your eyes. But, if you have any doubt and have serious vision, issues, then it is recommended to get a prescription after a proper eye check-up before you buy any contact lens.

Usually, people who want to use contacts as a fashion accessory or to change their eye color prefer to purchase contact lenses without prescription. Such lenses are also known as cosmetic lenses. But, lenses without prescription are also available to correct one’s vision. In short, you can purchase both prescribed and non-prescribed lenses as per your requirement from online authorized stores.


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Contact Lenses without Prescription Is Now Available Online

Contact Lenses without Prescription Is Now Available Online

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