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The Top 10 Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

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When the time comes that you need non-surgical methods of correcting your vision, you are left with two choices: Eyeglasses and Contact lenses. While both have their pros and cons, let’s look at why many feel contact lenses are the superior choice.

1)      Convenience- It doesn’t take long to master putting contact lenses in. Once you get the hang of it, it takes seconds and you are ready to go. It’s way easier to lose glasses than contact lenses.

2)      Comfort- Glasses are heavier and sit right on the face using the pads on the nose and arms that go behind the ears to anchor them on. This can cause skin irritation on four locations of the face. They also slide down on the nose all the time requiring constant re-adjusting.

3)      Cost- Without insurance, glasses and frames can cost hundreds of dollars. Even with insurance, glasses can be a costly proposition. The combination of quality frames and quality lenses quickly add up. The more severe the prescription, the more they will cost. There are many costly add-ons such as anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings, thinner and photochromatic lenses. Contact lenses are a fraction of the cost over time even if you put new ones in every day.

4)      Sunglasses - Standard sunglasses are inferior to the photo chromatic options (such as Transitions) that you can get as an add-on for prescription lenses. They are much darker and can give better coverage. Prescription glass wearers have less option available to them. Own one pair of regular glasses and one prescription sunglasses? A person may like a narrow frame (and thus lens) for everyday use, but those don’t work well with adaptive lenses. A lot of sunlight gets around those. It can be a huge addition in cost to have two pairs of glasses (and not to mention inconvenient). With contact lenses, throw on any pair of sunglasses at any price and you are good to go!

5)      Aesthetics - Some may just not like the look of wearing glasses. Who doesn’t like going au natural? With contacts, it’s all you, all the time.

6)      Better Vision - Once the right prescription is found, many contact lens wearers discover that their vision is considerably sharper over eye glasses. In some cases, contact lenses are without a doubt the way to go. For example, those with Keratoconus disease. This degenerative eye disorder makes the cornea thin and change from its natural curved shape. A specially-made hard contact lens gives much better corrective vision over glasses.

7)      Weather- In humid weather or weather that changes from rapidly different temperatures, glasses can fog up. You can’t see anything when that happens. You have to remove them and clean them off with something that you hopefully have at hand and won’t scratch them. This is never a concern with contact lenses.

8)      Durability- Contact lenses are made to be easily replaced. Some are meant to be worn for a few days, while others for weeks. A fresh pair is easy to get and you are back to perfect vision. Eye glasses get damaged over time. Scratches and scuffs on the lenses impair vision. The nose pads can get discolored and need to be replaced. The hinges on the arms can become loose, to the point where the screw pops out and your glasses fall off! The cost benefit of contact lenses strikes again!

9)      Can sleep with them on- Roll over with glasses on your face and you’ll be greeted with glass, metal and plastic being mashed into your face. Who can sleep like that? Plus all the oils on your eyelids get onto the lenses so will have to clean them. With the appropriate contact lenses, not an issue.

10)   Good for Sports - Eye glasses jostle about on your face when you are active. Sweat makes them slip down. It’s incredibly easy for them to get knocked off your face. All of these factors mean a high chance of severe damage to the lenses, which means serious money to fix them. Contact lenses have a huge advantage when it comes to wearing them for any sports activity.

To find the contact lens that will suit your lifestyle, make sure to browse our website. We sell different brands of contact lenses and you will surely find one that is suitable for your vision requirement. If you know the type of lens that you need, you can order even contacts without prescription. We guarantee quality lenses and prompt delivery!


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The Top 10 Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

The Top 10 Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

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